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‘Continual’ as a fashion business will aim to be a clothing retailer that focuses on the ideology of slow-fashion and sustainability combined. This means that all products will be carefully curated in order to achieve products that withheld longevity and sustainable practices. These practises will allow continual to slow down the rate of consumption current consumers shop at, which by 2030 global apparel consumption is projected to rise by 63% (Environmental Audit Committee, 2019). This will help improve the business sustainability ensuring that the business is doing as much as possible to change the environment, while still targeting a niche-market but still appealing to a mass-market.

“To make sustainable and ethical clothing more accessible and integrate it into everyday life.”


Responsible Manufacturing

Our Theory: We perceive responsible manufacturing as being able to take responsibility for your own products, for the environment, and for your customers and employees, all while looking for ways to improve our core business aspects. We hope that, in the future, responsibility will not be just in our portfolio, but that it becomes an industry standard in its own right.

Our process: With increasing pressure on our resources, we are constantly seeking ways to make smarter use of our supplies. Thanks to industrial and technological development, ApparelTASKER has designed a system that seamlessly connects fashion and technology. We are more energy-efficient, safer and of a higher quality, and at the same time reducing our environmental impact and guaranteeing a quality working environment for our team.

Some of our responsible manufacturing highlights are:

– Every step of the production process is carefully monitored and approved in real time using our Tracking system to ensure no rejects during the production process.

– Our business approach is built to not put pressure on any aspect of the factory, therefore we reserve the right to process orders in anyway we see socially and ecologically responsible.

– We carry out basic checks on the fabric and suppliers providing raw materials and trim to us via a client or 3rd party supplier.

– We use state of the art equipment to ensure the safety of our employees, as well as impeccable garment quality.

– We pride ourselves on exceeding the industry requirements with higher wages and world-class working conditions.

Eco Friendly

Our Theory: Fashion shouldn’t cost the earth. Globalisation has made it possible to produce clothing at increasingly lower prices, prices so low that many consumers consider clothing to be disposable and even disregard the grim truth that we are currently living in a world of ever-looming threats of climate change, pollution, water shortages and depleting resources.

Our Process: We believe that it’s time for manufacturers to get serious about the way they choose fabrics, suppliers and resources while designing and creating garments. From the very beginning we focused on being an example of how a factory can be energy efficient, aiming for zero waste and genuinely caring about the environment and our workers.

Some of our eco friendly highlights are:

– Packaging products in biodegradable, eco friendly packaging (clear bags, recycled boxes).

– By exclusively using DHL Go-Green service we are doing our part in reducing our clients’ carbon footprint.

– Offering repair and mend service on most garments.

– Energy saving servo motors on all equipment (80-90% saving to traditional clutch motor).

– Employ a vigilant and robust recycling process ensuring zero waste manufacturing.

Sustainable Development

Our Theory: The development and environmental needs of present generations must be addressed without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We hold that the fashion industry must tie together concerns for nature’s carrying capacity with the social and economic challenges faced by humanity.

Our Process: Even though fashion is inherent to us, we always make sure that the trends of the present do not come with an excessive price tag for the forthcoming era. Continuous development can be extremely wasteful regarding both material and time. That is why from the outset, we help brands manage these two factors, as they can make or break the viability of production.

Some of our sustainable development highlights are:

– We help extend the life of a garment through careful design decisions.

– We have a zero-waste approach to garment production and seek to minimise waste in all our processes in the focused on pattern and nesting stage.

– We only collaborate with suppliers that operate ethically.

– We work to use local suppliers as much as possible.

Slow Fashion

Our Theory: Ethical fashion takes into account the full life cycle of the product, before, during and after manufacturing.
Fashion is waking up. We are more aware about the impact fast cycle manufacturing has on the environment.

Fast-fashion expresses the phenomenon of rapidly producing inexpensive, “of the moment” clothing by mass-market retailers. Unfortunately, fast fashion is not only about quickly moving from runway to store to consumer, but also to the garbage. This brief life of garments comes with a much greater price tag than the one the end consumer pays. It costs the planet, it costs the health and safety of textile workers.

Our Process: From its outset, ApparelTASKER tried to change this reckless approach. towards garment manufacturing, thus we embraced the slow fashion movement. We focus on creating clothes that last for years, by using sustainable production processes and providing fair wages and safe working conditions.
Thus, in an industry where fast fashion brings a storm of human rights violations and environmental destruction on a global scale, we try to be the change we want to see (more importantly, the change we all need)

We prompt the alternative to disposable trends, consciously creating products that consumers want to last a lifetime. We focus on what a brand is really representing and aim for quality, not quantity.

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